In partnership with your childcare association, 1Core Foundation is making this exciting new app free to help child care providers during the challenging pandemic times.
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Staff Touchless Sign In and Out, Daily Health Screenings, Flexible Scheduling, and More! 
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This is the BEST Way to Connect with Your 
Child Care Staff 
in the New Normal

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What is 1Core Connect?

...and how exactly does it help me connect with my staff better?
1Core Connect was created so that child care providers like you can navigate the "New Normal" with more ease and flexibility.
It was developed by 1Core Foundation as a way to give back and support the child care industry during and after the pandemic. 

This is how it helps you connect better with your staff:

  • Keep your center safe and open with touchless sign in and out and daily health screenings for staff
  • Communicate directly with your staff via direct message
  • View your staff's availability and schedules in the app in real time
  • Post jobs and assignments for staff to view and accept on the spot 
  • ​Automatically send reminders to staff when they have a job coming up
  • ​And much more!
A better and faster way for child care center directors and staff to connect
It is a stand-alone tool designed for any child care provider to use regardless of whatever center management system they might currently have. 
So whether you have ProCare, EZCare, SmartCare, or other child care software, 
1Core Connect is still a tool you can use to make your life and that of your staff much easier during COVID-19 working conditions.


Flexible Staff Scheduling

Reduced staff hard to manage? Need more staff last minute? 
We got you covered!
  • Set up all your full time and temporary staff members 
  • Staff sets up their availability for the week ahead of time on their app
  • ​Post a job or assignment as it comes up and launch it on the app for the first available staff to accept on the spot
  • ​Track staff attendance and job completion automatically with the mobile app

Touchless Sign in and Out and Daily Health Checks for Staff

Keeping your center safe involves using safety measures for everyone, not just children
  • Minimize contact for staff with touchless sign in and out via the mobile app
  • Require staff to complete daily health checks before signing in at your center
  • ​Set up your own Daily Health Check Questionnaire questions

Direct Message Your Staff

This is one of the BEST features of this tool. Directors and staff can communicate in real time through direct message.
  • Keep all your conversations with staff in one place
  • Need to make a last minute change on someone's schedule? No problem! Message them on the app and get an instant reply
  • Connect with other staff and directors in your network, even if they are at different center locations

Save Time with Location-Aware Technology

The app knows where you and your staff are at all times, making it easier to assess availability and time frames
  • Send assignment requests using specific mile ratios
  • Staff member cancelled last minute? See who else is available nearby
  • Have more than one center? Set up as many centers as you'd like and share staff among them
  • ​Track job completion with location-enabled check in and check out

Using 1Core Connect is as easy as 1,2, 3:

Create your Account
This app is free in partnership with your childcare association. It is our way to say thank you for the important work you do.
invite all 
your staff
Access your account and invite your staff members. These can be full time, part time, and even substitute teachers.
start scheduling and communicating
Create your first job assignment and send to available team members to accept on the spot. The app even reminds them when to show up. It's that simple!

Why We Created 1Core Connect: 
A Message from the Founders

About 1Core Foundation
1Core Foundation was created by 1Core Solution, the company behind what is today the most robust child care management system available. The founders of 1Core Solution strongly believe that the child care industry is the backbone of the U.S. economy. When COVID-19 emerged and they saw the industry struggle, they got to work right away and created 1Core Foundation. The goal of 1Core Foundation is to keep Child Care centers operational by offering free apps and resources that can help them work with more peace of mind. 

1Core Solution has been perfecting its platform for more than 15 years and continues to innovate to adapt to the 
"New Normal" we are all experiencing. Learn more about 1Core Solution. 
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